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WARM UP // Episode 4 Cinematic - VALORANT
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After nine years at Riot, "Warm Up" marked my first deep dive into the studio's other IP, VALORANT. It's not always possible, but Episode 04 was a rare case when I was able to pitch an original idea, write the initial treatment, collaborate on the script development itself, and then direct the production through final picture while keeping the creative in tact. An unapologetic character-driven piece I simply wanted to highlight the dynamics of our diverse cast with the hypothesis that you learn more about someone when their pride is at stake than you do when they're following orders. At the risk of not "selling" anything and leaning into a lighter, more humorous tone, we trusted the vision. So far the player reaction to seeing their mains in action and getting a peek into the foundation of what will become the game's lore has been truly inspiring.


Big thanks to my partner in crime Franck Balson and the whole crew at Blur for pulling off another great piece.

© 2023 Michael Berry

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