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Before Dawn

ART LEAD / 2021
Before Dawn | Sentinels of Light 2021 Cinematic - League of Legends
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In what has become a summer tradition, I once again donned the Art Lead hat for a pair of cinematics that launched alongside the League of Legends "Sentinels of Light" 2021 campaign. Partnering with Axis Animation the biggest challenge here was to merge a 3d pipeline that had been established for the "Tales of Runeterra" shorts with the ambitious narrative and more mature tone of the Ruination story.

We pushed through some tough limitations to create a final piece that maintains a nice hand-textured feel while reacting to dynamic lighting and effectively merges 2d and 3d effects.

IA lot of credit goes to Almu Redondo (Art Director, Axis) Mo Yan (Visual Development, Riot) and James Waterson (CG Supervision, Riot) for wrestling this creative beast into its final form as well.

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