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2018 / ART LEAD
Welcome Aboard | Odyssey Animated Trailer - League of Legends
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Odyssey will always have a special place in my heart, and not just because we got to shoot an alien squid with a rocket. This was my first foray into big budget cg cinematics and I took to it immediately. As Art Lead on the project I worked with product teams to make sure our characters and world were represented accurately. Because our team was also pretty small, I additionally advised on storyboards, color scripts, story beats, and set our initial targets for 3d stylization to help guide our friends at Blur. I teamed up with our AD to deliver regular feedback on aesthetic and style, and managed the small team of artists that developed not only the event and thematic branding, but the campaign's many interactive experiences as well as all of the random stickers and junk that you'll find in Jinx's cockpit.

"Welcome Aboard" quickly became Riot's top performing cinematic of all-time. For 10 weeks. Then it was surpassed by my next project, the music video for K/DA's "Pop/Stars" which still holds that honor today. Not a bad couple months!

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